CDN decreased my site speed?

I know CDN is for increasing site speed but When I added CDN to my website, it increases the load time, I tested the both one with using CDN and without CDN. It was 3 seconds defference, It increased 3 seconds of load time when I use CDN.
I don’t know why and how

Have you tested subsequent load times? Since the CDN caches the static files, it’ll increase site speed on future requests.

Also check out the speed tab for speed insight.

Yes, I think it is happening because of cache, because when I second time re-test my web page it loads really faster, but I don’t want that. All of my visiters are new,95% visiters don’t come back. Should I not use CDN?

The content, when visited, gets cached on Cloudflare. Let’s say that you have many visitors from France, the first visitors won’t be cached, but the upcoming ones will.
Meaning Cloudflare will deliver those images and not your server. However, if the visitors keep visiting your page, the content will be cached on the browser itself and neither Cloudflare nor your server would be reached.
Unless your visitors are in a really remote location, Cloudflare should always speed up your site.

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