CDN Caching of subdomains

This post is similar to one I have seen in the forum but not quite.
I have a root domain which already uses ClourFlare CDN (This works great). I created a new subdomain in the origin server where I have different content. I want to use this subdomain as well to use the CDN. My DNS is completely managed by CloudFlare and I think I might not have configured the DNS for the subdomain right because the subdomain is just hitting the origin server directly. Are there any instructions on how to setup a subdomain to use the CDN?
Here is my DNS setup (domain name used is just an example). (Uses CDN by CloudFlare - Works like a charm!!)

for I made the following DNS entries

A — — origin IP address – Proxied
A — — origin IP address – Proxied
NS — app — – DNS Only
NS — app — – DNS Only

^^ Am I doing this incorrectly? Because, when I use GTMetrix or check the SSL certs, everything appears to be the origin server.

Thanks in advance!

That is just an example that I gave of how it is setup.

If subdomains are proxied through the CF network, they are not configurable, except for special settings that you can find in “Caching” and " Firewall"

@asobase Is there a workaround that you can think of? For example if I create a different subdomain in the origin that is proxied through CF, example and then create a CNAME for to point to is that even an option?

Would caching happen in that case? Also, not sure if this is a good practice.

Interesting, I think I figured it out. I was just supposed to add a single A record instead of the A + NS records.

Just this record did the trick for us.

A — app — origin IP address – Proxied

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