CDN cache purge supported by the CloudFlare Business plan.

Does Cloudflare’s Business plan support the following with respect to CDN cache purging?

  • How to purge via API
    • Purge all cache from a specific domain
    • Purge cache from a specific URL path

All plans can purge a specific URL or purge an entire domain.

Enterprise plans can also purge individual hostnames, prefixes (like*), or custom cache-tags.

Certain TLDs do not have API access, such as the FreeNom domains .cf, .ga, .gq, .ml, or .tk. So you cannot purge those using the API, and have to use the browser interface on

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Thank you for the response. So, with the Business plan, it’s possible to purge all cache and specific URL cache using the API, except for some TLDs? Could you let me know if there is any documentation on this?