CDN cache limit

According to docs:
“The maximum file size Cloudflare’s CDN caches is 512MB for Free”
Is it about of single file or it is a disk space? I’m interesting about total size of CDN cache. What is the limit?

in that topic How CDN manages cache storage when is full
“Total cache is much larger.”
Is it secret?)

You can’t know what is your allowed total edge space for cached files until you get suspended. Lol. That’s not defined, so to speak.

That’s the largest single file. Like all caches, Cloudflare will evict objects from cache to make space, and the decision is based on the parameter including your plan type and the frequency of access. Less used assets on free plans will be evicted before very hot assets on paid plans.

If you are on a free plan and the 512Mb limit is an issue, you will need to be careful not to be be suspended due to a Terms of Service violation. Cloudflare is mainly for normal websites, and serving large volumes of video, mp3s, binary assets etc. is a TOS violation.

lol… :facepalm:


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