CDN Blocking Ubersuggest SEO Site crawler

I added my site to ubersuggest the SEO site crawler to check my pages. It only crawls 1 page.
I added the ubersuggest IP addresses to the “allow” in firewall blocking, and also in the IP blocking rules, I allowed all of them, but they are still blocked. Anyone can help maybe had the same issue?
I only need them to be “allowed” once so they can do the crawl, so if there somewhere I can switch it all off for a while?
I tried setting firewall level to “essentially off” but that didn’t work either…

Do you see any logs in firewall events?

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No there is nothing in my firewall, just 1 blocking from some place else, this was not the crawler.

Hi, I’d recommend you checking with the Ubersuggest team to see if they can send you any error that might explain why they were blocked.

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Yeah did that - they just brush it off that it’s a known problem with CDN’s and to check the firewalls…

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