CDN Bandwidth

Hey mates,

I have an server that it has unlimited bandwidth. I want to know cloudflare CDN on free subscription uses the same bandwidth as my server or it has limited bandwidth and I must upgrade it to Pro.


Cloudflare doesn’t charge you for bandwidth, however, whether or not you can use Cloudflare without being asked to upgrade plans depends on your use case and how much data you’re pushing.

For the Use Case: generally, you’re fine using Cloudflare as long as what you’re serving is a website and you aren’t doing heavy file hosting or video hosting or anything “abusive” like that.

For the amount of data: it matters less, however you still might run into problems if you’re doing a lot of data. I’ve seen free plan websites use 5+ tb a month without issue, but if you start using hundreds of terabytes or petabytes a month, you might receive one of those friendly emails asking you to upgrade.

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