CDN and alt text attributes

If our website images are residing on CDN and we use image URL on WordPress, Do I need to re upload images on WordPress because I cannot specify Alt Text to images in CDN?

I am not sure why would you want and need to specify ALT text for your images through a CDN service?

The ALT can be applied and added to your images via WordPress Dashboard → Media Library → select an image and add the Title and Alt text into the input field(s) → Save (click somewhere else)

I thought Alt text is defined in the HTML document?


O-oh, misread, maybe you mean you were or will have to upload images to Cloudflare CDN and having different URL scheme to show them on your Website?

So, you would somehow, miss the opportunity to type the Alt text to that images being served over Cloudflare?

If so, then I recommend reading below article how Cloudflare CDN works:

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