CDN Activation Confirmation with Cloudflare

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I've moved my domain DNS from Namecheap to Cloudflare to have CDN. [Here]( is my website  Now it's fully moved to Cloudflare. I could not find the exact location/steps to activate CDN for this domain. Indirect checking says the CDN is active but I need to be able to control/configure these settings. And I should find a place on Cloudflare it should say and confirm if the CDN is being activated or not.


When your domain is Active:

  • You will receive an email from Cloudflare.
  • Your domain will have a status of Active on the Websites page of your account.
  • Online tools such as external link will show your Cloudflare-assigned nameservers (most of these tools use cached query results, so it may take longer for them to show the updated nameservers).
  • CLI commands will show your Cloudflare-assigned nameservers

If you do not want your requests Orange-Clouded (proxied) you can control this by switching your records to grey-cloud(unproxied).

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