CDN acceleration problem


After the recent acceleration of CDN usage, web access has been getting slower and slower.
Can you change an acceleration node for me, please? Thank you

CND acceleration problem

Cloudflare runs an anycast network which means that users will connect to a POP close to them based on BGP routing/ plan factors. There isn’t a singular node responsible for your domain.

Can you describe the issue you’re having and how you’re testing/measuring performance and from where?


At the beginning of the time, the CDN acceleration is still good to open the web page speed around 2S, now the situation is 5-6s sometimes more slowly, can’t you adjust a set of nodes? All my visitors are from China.
My domestic node monitoring access speed in China also shows 4500ms-6000ms, sometimes even worse!
It’s not that slow to start with!


I don´t know if this is the right place to ask this question but this Cloudflare support is pretty hard find in. I have a big problem, I can´t log in on my webpage, something happened today and I didn´t do anyting speciall that I think would cause this.I have talked to my host Binero and they say that it works från their side. The tought it was Cloudflare that caused the problem. Does anyone have a suggestion what I could do?

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