ccTLDs will be available?

When ccTLDs will be available ?
and etc ?

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Hi @dono, +1 to that, that came up the other day here as it’s a really popular topic, Domain Registrar: Unknown preventing transfer?. We don’t have an eta but as soon as we see it come through on that page, it will be talked about here!

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Hi @dono and @cloonan,
I’m also interested in ccTLDs!

There is a blog post that addresses this issue:

A world of TLDs and we want to support them


We know that many of you have domains you want to transfer that use TLDs we do not support currently, particularly amongst ccTLDs. From massive ccTLDs like .uk, to more obscure ngTLDs like .boutique, we’ve received a lot of requests to expand the list. For a reason I don’t understand yet, members of the Cloudflare engineering team own over 2% of all active .horse domains in the world and use them for internal testing projects. We’re working on that one, too, so we can make this page built on Workers return a Yes.

We’re working on it. Most ccTLDs require a unique accreditation and validation flow. We’re working every day to add to that list of supported TLDs, starting with the largest ones on Cloudflare.

Cloudflare Registrar at three months @ Cloudflare Blog

And there is also another discussion on this subject:

Let’s wait. :nerd_face:

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