CCP Games uses a combination of Cloudflare Magic Transit and Cloudflare Spectrum to mitigate DDoS attacks

Headquartered in Reykjavík, Iceland, CCP Games develops cutting-edge, massively multiplayer online (MMO) games — including EVE Online, an MMO whose 300,000+ active players populate a virtual universe, traveling in intricate spacecrafts that require years of time and thousands of dollars to build.

After evaluating many other vendors’ solutions, CCP Games chose a combination of Cloudflare Magic Transit and Cloudflare Spectrum. “Some companies only offered a Magic Transit-like solution for IP addresses, and others only provided a Spectrum-like proxy solution. Only Cloudflare offered solutions that could secure both the L3 and L4 layers of our network. The combination of Magic Transit at the L3 layer and Spectrum on L4 provided the ideal solution for our setup.” Read more to find out why.

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