CCBill Web Hook Help

I’ve been having issues integrating my CCBill Web hooks with Cloudflare. I believe a solution was posted in September but has been closed and I can’t respond back. Has anyone had any luck with this method?

I have allowlisted the IPs and added a page rule for my Webhook URL:


Have I missed a step?

Hey, we’ve finally fixed it and your second comment was the key. To clarify, we still have Always HTTPS-enabled, we prefer it. We use SSL from Cloudflare.

For anyone that is struggling with this, the solution is as following:

Whitelist CCBill IPs in server config and Cloudflare.

Use HTTP not HTTPS protocol (e.g.

Set up a page rule for your receiving end of webhook URL to disable browser integrity check, overwrite HTTPS off, SSL off + add a wildcard at the end (example:*)

Enjoy your working webhooks.

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