CCbill postback not work with cloudflare


CCbill postback not work with cloudflare.


Whitelisting ccbil IPs may help:
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already whitelists


Does it work when you are not using CF?


yes working on postback when cloudflare is closed


So something is wrong with CF @sdayman.


I see this come up from time to time, but have never seen someone post a solution. I wish I knew the HTTP request the CC services are sending to the site.

Others have said nothing shows up in the Firewall Events log which makes sense since whitelisting didn’t fix it. Does anything show up in the web server logs?

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OP can capture the POST request and share it here for more investigation by CF team.


nothing comes out of logs


Can the vendor provide a log entry for their HTTP request?


ccbill from the backend we wanted to send us on weekdays.

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