CCBill integration with Cloudflare

I know this subject has come up before and no solution has been posted in the various threads. So recently when trying to integrate a website with CCBill payment processing I wrestled with this then was forced to grey out the dns records to turn off the Cloudflare proxy. A few days later the website came under a sustained brute force attack and I really missed Cloudflare. So I had another think and I’ve come up with a work around, if not a total solution.

What I did was create a subdomain and a virtual server. I called it join (but you could call it anything). So: I also joined the sub-domain to the ssl certificate. Then I put the CCBill security folders in the cgi-bin folder of the subdomain, and changed the path in the htaccess file in the protected directory to direct to the cgi-bin directory of the sub-domain. Of course, I also updated the directory location in the CCBill admin panel. Then I added A and AAAA records for the sub-domain in the Cloudflare dns panel but greyed them out. Finally I turned the records for the main site back to orange. So now the whole site is behind Cloudflare’s proxy except CCBill’s calls to their script. Lastly I put an index file in the public_html folder of sub-domain containing a simple html redirect to the main site so all the little nosey bots will find only the main site.

I ran a test and it seems to work.

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