CC Bill not working correctly with Cloudflare settings?

Hi, I just installed the ability to run CC Bill processing through my website, but one of their techs thinks there is a problem with my Cloudflare setup. Here is what they had to say:

Thank you for your email.

We have setup your sub-accounts per Woocommerce instructions and conducted the couple a test transactions: 0121243202000000133 / 0121243202000000134 / 0121243202000000135. Could you please check on your end if you entered the correct info in your plugin backend: Flex ID, sub-account number , salt key etc… Additionally we have received 500 response while triggering the Webhook which means that The server failed to fulfill an apparently valid request.

Could you please advise if you are using any security software, firewall, Cloudflare? If this is the case we would suggest you to contact Cloudflare support, they will help you out to determine which part of your settings needs to be modified. There are many merchants that are utilizing Cloudfare with CC Bill without problems, therefore we are referring you to Cloudfare directly for further assistance, as we are not allowed to make any changes due to security restrictions. You need to check this on a server configuration level, through .htaccess directives, and through mod_security, or any other similar security packages. We can assume that pending status is due to mentioned issue above.

Based on the above, what precisely needs to be done step by step to fix this issue?

The primary issue I’m facing on my end (if related) is that CC Bill customers go into “pending” when they purchase while Stripe customers go through generally fine.

Hi there, how can I get help on this issue?

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