CBL lists Cloudflare IP address as Spam from another domain

We are supporting several domains, and one of them points at two IP address that have been marked as problematic via the Spamhaus CBL. This is preventing our client from using their preferred marketing platform. While it may seem silly to block a Cloudflare IP address, it is a limitation of the tool. Additionally, I can confirm that the suspicious content that that Spamhaus reports is still present (a malicious redirect).

It appears that another domain [1] [2] is also being served by that domain via Cloudflare on the same 2 IP addresses as our client’s domain. According to this support article [3], the only way to get a new Cloudflare IP address would to transfer the domain to a new account. Migrating to a new account seems unnecessary. Additionally, we are not the only recent person to have this problem [4].

Spamhaus/CBL tell me to contact the hosting provider, and the community section appears to be the only mechanism for those with a free plan. Is there another route to removing. Is there a step I’m missing or a better place to report abuse?

For now, we are only using Cloudflare for DNS for the troublesome domain, and are not using the AnyCast network to serve content.


Sonja Leaf
Engineer, Clockwork.com

Correct. The assigned IPs are shared. And sometimes there is bad content behind it. Intentionally or not, the IPs will be listed on content blacklists like Spamhaus CBL.

No. You can cotact the support through your dashboard by clicking Support → Helpcenter. This will open support.cludflare.com. You may need to login again there. Then you can open a ticket by clicking your profile name → My activities & requests.

Quick link:

You need to discuss this with a support engineer and see what they can do.
Requests are prioritized by plan level so it could take some time.

But i guess it is just a question of time until another shared IP gets listed on CBLs.

Thank you. This is very helpful.

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