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Hi, I’ve recently noticed that there’s a specific area around my job that whenever I pass by while connected to app on iPhone, my phone automatically connects to a a WiFi connection with SSID “CB_roaming”. What’s weird is that I’ve never knowingly connected to this WiFi spot before, it just connected by itself, and when I go into WiFi settings to disconnect the connection and select “Forget This Network” the phone just overrides me and just goes right back to connecting to this WiFi spot over and over again.

It only does this when I’m actively using/connected to the app. I’ve tried resetting the network settings but no sooner my phone reconnects to and goes right back to automatically connecting to this WiFi spot.

Should I be concerned about this?

Here’s a pic of the address info for this highly suspect WiFi spot:

From the privacy warning, it looks like it’s related to your phone’s carrier. Though I don’t know why it would only happen when using Maybe it’s an idiosyncrasy with using VPN on your phone. Who’s your cellular carrier?

My carrier is AT&T

I noticed this same thing. Also on AT&T in NY. Even flipping the “auto-join” switch to OFF doesn’t stick, the carrier is somehow able to immediately override this. It’s really annoying because that CB_roaming SSID doesn’t even work properly and usually I lose internet access when connected to it.

(I don’t use the app so, this is definitely not specific to that)

Anyone got more info on this?

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