Caveat emptor, "code runs in the fabric of the internet itself" is false


So after more than a month of asking, support told me that I should be at least on Enterprise plan to guarantee routing would be at least on the same continent! I’m trying Cloudflare workers on multiple domains and it’s routing me to a different continent, half across the world.

I guess enabling Argo wouldn’t save me because two support engineers really want us to signup for Enterprise, fyi, we have a couple of hundreds of domains on Pro, so we are a paying customer.


Guarantee all is one thing. But how many off-continent requests did you had?

Argo makes a big difference in my APIs. Here is one graph(Blue Argo):

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It’s a test domain, I’m testing in South East Asia, but I’m being routed in LAX and/or ATH. @adaptive in my gut, I believe you actually! I believe that Argo would make me a big difference, it’s just it irks me these two support engineers telling me “there’s no way” unless I upgrade to Enterprise.


I would add this is after a month of waiting for their reply, sigh.


I believe there is a networking/routing issue outside Cloudflare, something BGP related.

Please go here and screenshot to see what is happening.

A user in South East Asia should see this below, not LAX(US) or ATH(Greece). Although, one case is showing LAX.


That’s what I’m trying to point out, but they said I need to be Enterprise to ensure I’m going to be on the same continent, that’s what they said verbatim.

I was showing them two domains where I’m being redirected to a different colo (which shouldn’t be happening), and that’s what they suggested, upgrade to Enterprise! :flushed:


Thanks for this @adaptive! At least I know what the support told me was very wrong and misleading based on that matrix you showed me.

OT: How do you escalate a ticket to a supervisor? :thinking:


This is only a supplemental test to how CF’s traffic management works. Don’t take the follow list as concrete facts, this is just what I’ve discerned from observing:

  • For free plan websites that are “heavy”, eg. take up a fairly good amount of bandwidth/load but not to a point where they’re kicked off the site, I wouldn’t be surprised if they get routed to the “not overloaded” data centers to take the load off of the really high-priority datacenters that Enterprise, and usually Business customers depend on.

  • On the business plan and enterprise plan, CF will generally always give you IPs that route to the closest datacenter.

  • Only in extreme cases (such as a huge regional DDOS attack) will even Business plan websites be routed away from the closest data center.

The only time this has happened and I’ve experienced it was about a month ago when requests going through ATL (Atlanta) had an extra TTFB between 2,000-10,000 milliseconds. Checking that page periodically, I saw free websites routed to Alabama, then pro websites, and about 10 minutes later even Business websites were going to Alabama and North Carolina. Enterprise websites stayed on ATL and the TTFB went back to normal (less than 5ms added to each request), until about an hour when everything was routed back to ATL.

The test page I set up is only meant to be a way to observe how the routing is working at the moment. It doesn’t represent how CF will always work since traffic is variable and CF may need to re-route to prevent data centers from going down for their highest paying customers.

For your specific case,

Is your geographic generally Australia, Africa, or South America? These have fewer data centers than NA/Europe so I would understand where they’re coming from when they say this if you want 100% all the time same continent routing.

If this isn’t the case, say your visitors are mainly NA/Europe/India, then this makes me think that they couldn’t reasonably suggest upgrading to the Business plan since you have 100+ domains. The only plan that can be purchased for multiple domains is Enterprise, so suggesting you upgrade to a Business plan for all of them would be cost-inefficient and would get you fewer features overall. I’m not sure about how much exactly Enterprise multi-site is, but it might not be as expensive as you think. As you said you were talking to Engineers, I would suggest actually contacting Sales and they’ll be able to better estimate how much your Enterprise plan would be.

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For free plan websites that are “ heavy ”, eg. take up a fairly good amount of bandwidth/load but not to a point where they’re kicked off the site,

I see, so if it’s just a test domain and doesn’t receive traffic, it’s highly probably that it would be kicked off, if there’s a data center being serviced. However, when I say different continent, I’m talking about the America’s and Europe, coming from South East Asia. That’s why I was very surprised.

so suggesting you upgrade to a Business plan for all of them would be cost-inefficient and would get you fewer features overall.

While I see that’s a possible intention. I would stick to my job, if my job is to deal with technical issues and not sales, I’m going to stick with that. A better answer would be delegating it to a sales specialist instead of how he handled the thread.

That issue also took a whole month, so I was very patient. When they didn’t know what to answer, they just told me I have absolutely need to upgrade to Enterprise, which left a sour taste in my mouth.

In the end a Supervisor told me it was accident (having to deal with a month of nothing). Because there was a bugged in their internal system that made my ticket not resurface in the queue system.

Anyway the ticket was badly handled. :cry::crying_cat_face: