Categorization feedback not processed?

Some websites are categorized incorrectly. That is normal to happen from time to time of course and there is a form for feedback:

Problem is, this feedback doesn’t seem to be processed. At least not within 8-10 weeks. I realize that some categorization might be ambiguous or even controversal but here is an example where it shoudn’t: is categorized as “nudity”. This is my private website, used for mail, familiy Nextcloud etc. There has never been any content on this page that -by any definition- could be considered as nudity. Not even in the non-public areas.

Is there any way to see if my feedback has been processed (incorrectly), or if I’m just being too impatient? How long does itusually take? What is your experience?


I submitted to Personal blogs, just if this could help a bit maybe.

Furthermore, kindly, I’d suggest you to write a ticket to Cloudflare support due to your account and/or domain issue (keep in mind it’s weekend) and share the ticket number here with us:

Thanks for the quick response, and for also submitting the classification feedback!

As suggested, I have opened a ticket (2351511). In 72 hours I can ping Cloudflare support to bring this post to their attention (free plan).

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Thank you. I have escalated your ticket to Cloudflare technician.

Kindly and patiently wait for a reply.

The problem still persists. Neither categorization feedback nor ticket nor this post helped. As instructed in the ticket 2351511 im requesting @MoreHelp

Ticket name is Domain incorrectly classified as “nudity”, submitted feedback might not be processed

They seem to be backlogged right now. Next time we see a Support person, we’ll point them in your ticket’s direction.

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This has been corrected. The new category is shown as Content-Server. Please check:


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