Catch-All Email not working

I’m in the process of switching off from GSuite legacy. I will have one domain name added to iCloud+ (which provides me with the destination email [email protected]), then the rest of 2 domains I have GSuite legacy email enabled will have catch-all address enabled to destination iCloud+ email address. The destination email works, I receive emails there.

The issue I have is that none of the emails sent to a domain where I enabled catch-all address are being sent to the destination email. Email DNS records are properly enabled, I also did a quick test for the domain on your diagnostic center and all checks are green.

What do you recommend me to test?

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Is your email working before you turned on catch all address ?

Yes. They are all working GSuite emails. Obviously they are not working now, since I enabled the Cloudflare MX records, instead of Google ones. When I send an email to the catch-all address, I get this undeliverable error:

Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 5.1.0 - Unknown address error 521-‘5.3.0 Upstream error. zSm8UEuWnOxy’ (delivery attempts: 0)

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Everything started working, few minutes ago, maybe it was a propagation delay.

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Please note that DNS propagation is not something that needs to slowly travel across the world to be updated. It depends on the DNS cache on your device or on the DNS resolver you’re using (which is usually provided by the ISP).

Nice to hear that !

Good luck on your further projects !

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