Case sensitive firewall

Hi all,

I’ve noticed that my firewall rules for traffic being allowed is case sensitive. We’re passing traffic for an application and I’ve noticed that some clients look for uppercase letters, and others look for lowercase letters in the URLs - It’s not our software btw.

As a result, I’ve had to implement the following otherwise some of the traffic gets blocked:


Mind you, we’ve got a bunch of other URLs we’ve had to do this for.

Is there a way to turn off case sensitivity?


Hey! Not sure what Firewall Rules you have in place, but instead of something like:

(http.request.uri.path eq "/link1")

you can lowercase the value before doing the comparison:

(lower(http.request.uri.path) eq "/link1")

This ensures that the filter matches on link1, Link1, lInK1 or any other variant.

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You’re a gem!

So if I had a expression such as:

(http.user_agent contains "Some Text" and http.request.uri.path eq "/folder/somepage.aspx")

This could be accomplished with:
(lower(http.user_agent) contains “Some Text” and (lower(http.request.uri.path) eq “/folder/somepage.aspx”)



Since you only seem to be trying to have the path be case insensitive, it would look like this:

(http.user_agent contains "Some Text" and lower(http.request.uri.path) eq "/folder/somepage.aspx")

If you also need the check on the User-Agent be case insensitive, then you’d do:

(lower(http.user_agent) contains "some text" and lower(http.request.uri.path) eq "/folder/somepage.aspx")

Notice how Some Text is lowercased. Hope that helps!

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