Cart doesn't go in front of the horse

Cart doesn’t go in front of the horse. Money has to flow in before it can flow out. Mess up my website, then refuse support saying you want money first, bloody extortion

I have existing website, want email to match website. You have me change name servers. Now I have email and no website. I have a launch in 11 days. Yes I am on a limited budget. Not impressed

What is the name of that site?

I don’t see any tickets with Support from the account you are using here, what is the ticket number?

:thinking: wow

That does not really have much to do with cloudflare, but let’s start with the name of the site and go from there.

code copy fusion Cloudflare instructed me to change nameservers to set up email code copy fusion now I have email and no website. So it has everything to do with Cloudflare

And after the name of the site,

Can you share that ticket number?

Ah, the site name is perhaps

The A (address record) has the IP address of cloudflare, that needs to be changed to the IP address of your hosting provider where the site is hosted.

You are seeting an Error 1000 when you visit the site, yes? This tip on Error 1000 is depricated, but still helpful in understanding why the error happens, Deprecated - Fixing Error 1000 - DNS points to prohibited IP

You ask for a ticket number, would be nice if there was support and I knew where to find support I would be able to submit a ticket. I set up email with gmail. They direct me to cloudflare. I don’t know how cloudflare operates. All I know is that big companies no longer believe in customer service. Customers are unimportant. I can’t be expected to know everything that you put together.I am busy enough as it is. I am putting in human customer support as it is a lot more personable and will out do stupidity everytime. I should be able to have email and website, not one or the other.

Depreciated Error 1000 means didley squat to me. I followed instructions from Cloudflare and now I have issues

Who are “they”?

We are here to help with that.

:confused: but that does not stop us from trying.

Customers on every plan type can open account, billing and registrar tickets here, I don’t think what you’re encountering is related to any of those issues, you just have the incorrect value of your A records on the DNS app.

  1. Go here to see those records,
  2. The incorrect values are these two IP addresses
    Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 10.40.11 AM

The above are cloudflare IPs, you just need one A record called @ (or the name of your site) with a value of the IP address of your origin server (the server where your hosting provider hosts your site), only you can find out the value of that IP address, your hosting provider is the one that can tell you that value.

If is the name of your site, you may be able to look at the history to find the IP,

Click Error 1000 and the tip will explain why your site shows Error 1000, summary is

In looking at the history of the site I am assuming you are asking about, here is what appears to have taken place. The site was added to cloudflare in one account and had nameservers of majojr and dora, about 8 days ago, it was added to cloudflare again and assigned nameservers of amy & hans and we scanned public records and imported them and that’s how DNS records end up pointing to cloudflare IP addresses. You just need to edit the DNS A record to have the correct value. Then, your site should be operational.

It’s not at all

It’s a matter of making sure step 1 is done correctly before moving to step 2.

I have opened Godaddy domain portfolio. Code Copy Fusion Overview D N S records it says add new record. Nameservers ? amy. ns. cloudflare. com hans.ns.cloudflare. com Then my other hosting Groove cm says secure and connected Talking to go daddy

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If you can ask them the IP address of your origin server (the server at godaddy where your site is hosted) and then go to and edit the first A record called the same name as your website to reflect that value that is a good first step.

Next, you have 3 other DNS A records, we’ll deal with those later, for now, edit them and change from proxied (passing through cloudflare) :orange: to not proxied (bypassing cloudflare) :grey:

I have added my IP address

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Thank you. Can you remove or un-proxy (Edit → Proxy status off) the following records

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 12.08.49 PM

And do the same for the first record
Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 12.10.48 PM

That will leave you with one proxied A record ending in .com and pointing to the IP address you shared. I am going to redact that IP from your post, it does not need to be shared in public.

I hope I am doing it right.

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I see the error has now become a 522, can you also unproxy the record called www?

Thank you. I am still getting a timeout 522 error. When you say you added your IP did you add the IP from godaddy for your hosting provider or the IP of your network? It should be the IP address from your hosting provider.

The is returning the 1000 error which means the IP address of your www record is a cloudflare IP, for now you can just un-proxy that www record, we’ll circle back to that once we get the site to load properly.

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