Carrd site protected by Cloudflare

As of right now I am trying to utilize Cloudflare to password protect my Carrd site. I have Carrd running through the cloudflare dns and the password protection set up through Zero Trust, but it isn’t working. When I load the site it just skips straight to the Carrd site, requiring no new login. I have no clue what I am supposed to do differently. Am I supposed to add or delete anything? I seriously need a step by step guide here. Thanks so much.

The instructions here indicate the DNS records for Carrd need to be set to “DNS only” to work…

If you have done that, then you can’t use Zero Trust in front of your application as requests go to Carrd and not through Cloudflare.

Even if you do, or could, use the proxy, your application wouldn’t be protected since anyone could go to Carrd and request your application anyway bypassing Cloudflare completely.

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Thanks for getting back! I have already done this, and it is not working. It was working until I temporally disabled the DNS to initialize the site. Now, even though it is back on, it skips zero trust.

There may be a propagation time for the change in IP addresses, so it may take a little time to switch back to Cloudflare’s IP addresses.

Check that the application is still set up in the Zero Trust Applications and that the DNS record is definitely proxied.

Otherwise, if you can give the site it is easier to check (although I guess your want that behind ero Trust to keep it hidden!)

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