Card is not being added in payment method, please help?

I am trying to add debit card as payment method but it is not being addded. everytime i fill the fields and click confirm but nothing happens, it seems confirm button is not working. I tried many times to switch account and changing card but not worked. how it can be resolved as sson as possible? What should i do now to transfer my domains from go daddy as days limit has reached?

Ticket #2336731

I’ve added that ticket # to the escalation queue. The billing department isn’t in on the weekends, so they’ll most likely get back to you tomorrow.

Hi @user15973,

Please add the details of the error that you are seeing as there are none in the ticket for our team to troubleshoot with you.

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I am trying to add card for domain transfer, when i click to registrar and then transfer, it “give add payment method” option, after clicking it and filling all the fields when i click to confirm button, nothing happens, it seems confirm button is not working. After clocking confirm, system does not update my card details and ask again for payment method.
Kindly resolve it as soon as possible as o am running out of time for domains transfer. Thanks

Please add that update to the ticket so the billing person assigned to the ticket is sure to it.

Hi @user15973,
Our team has replied to you several times asking for futher details please reply to ticket #2336731 with that information so that we can assist you with this issue.

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