Domain used to point to a Wix site. I changed DNS and name servers. As of this morning the domain is now pointing back to the old site. I have checked the settings in and they are still correct for Cloudflare. flushed dns on my computer etc. Only thing i have changed this morning is to make the SSL to Full as there was an error saying too many redirects. The support ticket suggested “You must point your authoritative nameservers to Cloudflare” but I do not understand this.

DNS wise your domain appears to be properly configured.

Is what I thought. On the advice of my host I have put the domain back to the original DNS and removed it from Cloudflare. I will wait until tomorrow and then re-add the site to Cloudflare as it seems to me that something went wrong… I will update this post when hopefully tomorrow all will be solved. Thanks for your time Sandro.

It shouldnt be an issue to re-add it straight away. Just make sure it is the same Cloudflare account as the nameservers would change otherwise.

OK. I will give it a try!

when I tried to add it Cloudflare says: " We automatically detected 0 DNS records on your site that match common hostnames and record types." so have not added it

Io have done this (same as the first time) and it looks like it has worked - no idea as to where the initial error lay.

That is currently a known issue. As you noticed, the records eventually do get imported.

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