Captive portal detection not working on wifi

The Android app (v2.0.8) is failing to connect to the captive portal checker over wifi (the connection is successful over cellular). Because the app wrongly detects that there is a captive portal, it does not send DNS requests to

2019-07-02T03:13:20.166 | [CaptivePortalDetector] Captive Portal Retry
2019-07-02T03:13:20.167 | [CaptivePortalDetector] Checking Captive Portal With HTTPS...
2019-07-02T03:13:20.216 | [CaptivePortalDetector] Execute Request | url =, exception = Domain specific configurations require that hostname aware checkServerTrusted(X509Certificate[], String, String) is used
2019-07-02T03:13:20.217 | [CaptivePortalDetector] Captive portal not resolved
2019-07-02T03:13:20.218 | [CaptivePortalDetector] Result: isCaptivePortal = true

There’s a Feedback option in the app (iOS is all I can check) that should send your bug report to the right people.