Captchas Everywhere

For the last few days I’ve been getting Cloudflare initiated Captchas on a vast number of sites and even being completely blocked by some (including Uphold). I’ve already opened a ticket, which was immediately closed with advise to come here first. I searched and found some help. My IP address wasn’t in SORBS or Honeypot but was in Symantec. I’ve now had that cleared. As far as I can determine the cause was sending out spam emails but after checking every device on the network I cannot find any malware that would cause this.
This is causing major inconvenience and I’m now as a loss to clear my IP address with Cloudflare. If none of you have an idea how to solve this issue I have to contact them 72 hours after posting this.
The only other solution is hardly ideal and means a total loss of my rather expensive broadband connection for a day in an attempt to get a new IP address so any help is appreciated.

I posted this 2 days ago. It would appear that the result of my Symantec investigation took a while to disseminate. The problem is now cleared.
I find it disturbing that a single entity can cause so much disruption over a false positive. A solution needs to be easier to found than what I had to go through. I can’t imagine what someone with no technical knowledge would do under these circumstances :confused:

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