Captcha: why am I getting those as a user?

Everytime I access a website hosted on cloudfare, I get a captcha to prove I’m human. And those captchas are getting really annoying.

Before any one asks, yes, I’ve read this: Why do I see a captcha or challenge page (Attention Required) trying to visit…

This provides no real (technical) information. The page refers to project honeypot, but that page doesn’t report any issues with my IP addresses (,2001:981:59be:0:9ec7:a6ff:fecb:89ce).

Or are there other sources I can check why Cloudflare thinks my IP addresses are suspicious?

I’m using a MAC running macOS High Sierra 10.13.6.

Hi, are you seeing captchas on every site that is using Cloudflare? Or is it just one, or a few? Because if it’s the latter then there’s a big chance that those sites have either set their Firewall to something high, or they have a Firewall rule to captcha users from your ISP, Region, or whatever

It’s not necessarily your IP address. Are you running an ad blocker or using an uncommon / empty user agent?

Are you using VPN?
Which Web browser? (like Opera has got some “VPN” sort of, or some plugins installed, or strict security settings, or disabled JavaScript?)

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