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Hi, My website is on Hostinger server and few days ago they suspend my account due to DDOS Attack, and when i talk to support they told me use cloudflare nameserver and add I am under attack option.

I setup all things but after that every user visit on my site comes with captcha. which is irritating and user not waiting they just close the tab. So how I can remove this captcha challenge for normal visitors. Because after this step my visitor engagement and my conversion are very low. If anyone have solution then let me know.


Are you still having issues?

Yes still I am facing issue,
i am not robot

You could try to lower the security level but a better approach is to check the Firewall Events in the dashboard to understand why this is failing. Are you running any ad blockers or browser extensions?

Why there is a recaptcha on it instead of Turnstile or Hcaptcha? Have you been hacked or is it something from your host?

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