Captcha popup not showing html, just HTML code


I’m getting the captcha challenge window coming up for both me in admin, and my customers at various stages of checkout. The problenm is the instead of a dialogue box with the captcha layout, I just see a message-box with the HTML code laid out. This prevents the client checking out, and me processing orders. I challenged the Hosting company, but they say it’s a cloudflare issue! Well they would, wouldn’t they. Anyway…Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is costing me business now.


Any link to reproduce that?

I’ve tried many times, to reproduce it deliberately, but never been able to. Seems quite random and suddenly bang, it’s blocking you.

I was hoping someone had had the same experience and would know what to look for…

Well, usually I’d say it is a content type issue, however as the captcha is served by Cloudflare and not your server, it shouldnt have anything to do with your configuration.

Its difficult to impossible to say anything without being able to reproduce it. Maybe you can find a way to reproduce it or at least get it to show up somewhat consistently. In that case the browser’s developer tools would be your friend too :slight_smile:

Is there any settings I can add to the WAF, to force say any visitor from HongKong to be challenged by captcha?

You can do that using IP access rules alone. Also firewall rules.

Simply captcha challenge HK.

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