CAPTCHA on the HOMEPAGE on mobile!

Hi! If i try to access to the homepage of on mobile (using different devices) , all that i get is a CAPTCHA.

But, thats not all. Because its impossible to do it right. I do everything that it says, but continues to reload another captcha. Its an infinite loop of captchas!

Can you help me?

Do you use some kind of a privacy browser like TOR or a VPN connection?

is your Website or someone else’s?

Have you checked your IP address reputation?

Could you check here for the steps:

Also good articles:

Hi Frite! Yes its my site. My connection is not havin issues with any web page, so i dont think there is an issue with my ip reputation. Also, the captcha doesnt appear on the different posts of my site, only on the homepage. I will check the articles you send me.

Best regards!

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