CAPTCHA on most pages i visit from my home network

Hello all,

Since a few days i get an “attention required” page on most website i try to visit from my home network. I have to fill in a captcha before i can continue. For some reason it appears as if the ip i get from my ISP is marked as untrusted or something. I’ve checked projecthoneypot (and many other blacklist and ip checking sites) and nowhere is my ip marked as unsafe. I’ve also added my ip to the whitelist on projecthoneypot and it was added on august 10th. I don’t know why i keep getting these pages and how to resolve it or how to find out what the reason is. I also already checked all my computers with antivirus and anti malware software but so far nothing…

The Cloudflare Ray ID is 5c207993bb13d494.

I hope someone can help me clarify this…

best regards,

I started having the same problem today visiting a bunch of websites. This has never happened before. Are you running a VPN, as switching my VPN server fixed the problem for me at least, assuming that was the problem in my case.

Both me and my wife are working from home over vpn due to covid, so maybe that’s why it’s creating a false positive. My wife is using a citrix solution from her employer, and i cannot change the vpn as it is provided by my employer and my company also uses a zscaler proxy solution, so i think cloudflare is detecting all sorts of traffic going different ways and is therefor maybe thinking we are spammers or something…

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