Captcha on funnel

I am getting a captcha popping on one of my pages for funnel using click funnels. I am not the only one. I have my advertising getting the same thing happening. Why is this happening and how do I fix it.

Hi @jared, can you share the name of the domain and link to the page that’s causing an issue? I’m assuming you don’t have any firewall or page rules to challenge the visitor? What edits were going on with the site just before this started happening?

Hey cloonan, Thanks

heres the link

Correct, I dont have any firewall or page rules.

I didn’t change anything on the page. thats whats weird. I didn’t even realize it, my advertiser just told me.

I’d try a few things to troubleshoot. If you pause Cloudflare, I assume the error goes away?

If you paused it, unpause and if you disable browser integrity check on the SSL/TLS app, does the error go away?

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