Captcha on every Cloudflare protected website

I keep getting the captcha/attention required page on seemingly any website that uses Cloudflare (they do not usually require authentication, so it is not a standard security level of those websites, e.g. I have checked my pc for malware (none detected), and there is no information on honeypot for my specific IP (some from same network but years old). Also, when going to, when I complete the captcha, nothing happens (with privacy pass extension turned on it continuously reloads the page). When using a VPN I can connect as normal, but I would like to have a real solution.
Ray ID: 4b0c45e2bf970a8a
Please let me know what could be the cause of this, I can’t think of any reason that my pc would be seen as dangerous. I’m just using up to date chrome browser, nothing notable, just a standard connection, but suddenly this is occurring.

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