Captcha malware

Hello, my sites appear with a redirect to a Cloudflare captcha, apparently it is a virus, it only happens to me with sites that have Cloudflare dns


Could you share a screenshot of it? :thinking:

Have you got any AV installed on your device?

[type or paste code here](

This happens only with those who have Cloudflare DNS, the direct DNS to the server is fine.

Shared screenshot is small resolution, cannot figure it out exactly if that’s a real one or fake “captcha” from Cloudflare. Wonder what’s the domain name? :thinking:

Could be some scam Cloudflare Turnstile, has happened before.

If you believe it is, should be reported to the Trust and Safety team to have a look at this.

happens on different domains, only the ones I have through Cloudflare

I got redirected to the
Should be reported to the Cloudflare Abuse as soon as possible :point_up:

I noticed and someone logged into my Cloudflare account and changed my A and www records.

I don’t understand how someone could access my account

Kindly, follow the steps and procedure to recover your account and take back control over it at the link from below:

Kindly, review the Audit Logs for more detailed information:

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By chance, are you using pirated software at your device?

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