Captcha loop for http

My webserver provide only http, so we use the wonderful Cloudflare certificate and “always https” ! Without captcha it works for any kind of entry

  • typing[/abc/xyz] to in browser url bar
  • from Google search

The final destination will always be :


it has been like that for quite sometime. But recently, attackers were able to overcome “under attack mode” and js_challenge so we have to use captcha Challenge. The problem is captcha only work when user fully enter The captcha loop will occur in the following case:

  • typing[/abc/xyz] to in browser url bar : tested on Chrome and safari ( iOs and Android)

This would affect alot of our legit users.

Any suggestions guys ?


  • my domain : gai [dot] to
  • I have read similar topic but not right for me

the hCaptcha did mark the check-box at “I am not human” and force me to try the captcha again and again. After 7-9 times, I got through. Annoying !

So, it is not really a loop but I decide to keep this topic instead of deleting it

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