Captcha Issue Please HELP :(

Hi, I have a problem with the cloudflare captcha, I could not get a solution searching on google. or youtube… I only got 1 topic that talks about it and it was closed without apparent solution and it is

this one: Can't bypass cloudflare captcha

I try to enter through my browser firefox, opera, edge or chrome and the captcha is done calmly and never redirects me to the target page is repeated over and over again. BUT curiously with the same IP with the Brave browser. It gives me access. it redirects me perfectly and everything is fine.

I have deleted cookies, reinstalled the browsers, deleted the user profiles of the browsers. I have done multiple antivirus tests with Bitdefender. Nothing has worked. I have no more idea what is going on.

The problem apparently is with firefox, opera, edge and chrome, I don’t understand what they have in common.

I hope someone can help me how to fix it. Thanks in advance. :sleepy:

Are you seeing the “Wait to be redirected” page and the redirect just never happens or do you not even see that text?

When I complete the captcha. the page refreshes. sometimes it just says “redirecting…” forever and never sends me to the target page.

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