Captcha is wrong

I have set to challenge captcha only for russian IPs, yet I receieve challenge captcha even from my IP, even thought I am located in Ukraine.

I tried to connect to CF support, but it seems like I haven’t made it past some automatic responses, which all let me to here.

Are you using a firewall rule to challenge with captchas? Also, what is your IP because it could be linked to Russia?

Hi, can you provide more info?, what about your domain?, thanks.

Hi. So, the domain is

The firewall rules are set to block TOR user agent and to challenge captcha if country equials russia ( eq “RU”)

As an experiment I set to block all access from russia and my IP is not blocked. However that leaves a question unanswered - why was my IP (Ukrainian) challenged captcha? And no, I wasn’t using VPN, my IP is recognized as UA by the maxmind database and some other online tools (that probably use maxmind database anyway, but I still decided to double check).

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