Captcha in Ukraine

Here is 2 outgoing requests’s har

Any help?


I do not see the ip used here on any blocklists, are you using/have you tried using a vpn? And try from a different browser.

Why i need to stop use Google chrome or start use VPN to fix Cloudflare issue?

A different browser/up to date browser helps to isolate root cause when troublehsooting

I not sure of the root cause, if it was, I suspect we’d see a lot of the same posts.

The same in Safari.

Any help???

Contact the site owner and ask why you are being challenged.

I am site owner.

:thinking: hmm, can you reply to this thread from the email address associated with the account that holds the zone? I do not see that zone in the account you are using here.

I cant.
Why i need it?
You Cloudflare captcha used all around the world…
Even wp engine or any other have absolutely the same issue…

Please login to the account that hold the zone, briefly describe the issue and provide a link to this post. share your ticket number here please.

For the security and privacy of our users we can only work with the account holder directly, but your email address is not listed as the owner of that zone. On the ticket from the email of the zone owner, Support can explain the reason for the block.

I am developer on fews projects which use your Cloudflare service.
So ask me to ask my client credenticals to login in to Cloudflare?
Or ask my client to create a ticket? What is he dont know how to use your forum and dont have time for this?
I have an access to manage few domains of my clients, so why it is not enough to help me??? Are just try to save your time and do not dive deep in the problem?
Why you cant just use some VPN form Ukraine and try pass your own CF captcha?

Actually i have send you the video and you totally ignore the video and ask me to switch to Client account instead of fix your CD bugs? What a ridiculous service you have here with poor support.

No need to go too deep, you cannot access site due to a setting the site owner has made.

I saw the video. It shows the challenge on

The email you are using here is neither the owner of nor a member of that account.

ok, I checked a couple of those other zones and do not see the email you are using here associated with them. I do not know what access means in this case; Does it mean you have access to their login credentials or mean that you are added as a member? I can only verify ownership and membership. I cannot verify either of those for the zones you are asking about.

Sorry you are disappointed. While I would like to assist you with your inquiry, for the security and privacy of our users we can only work with the account holder directly, that holds true here and with Support. But, your email address is not listed as the owner or member of any of the zones mentioned here. I apologize for any inconvenience and I appreciate your understanding.

Thank you that you reply on each problem separately.
It is not so lazy how i thought.
Yes, i still have not access for ap Cloudflare account because they are busy.
Let me relogin here with acount which has access.

Wait on approve.

Here we go.

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Thank you, I dropped you a private message with some more details and will open a ticket on your behalf using the account you are using here. Support will contact you on that ticket. You will receive a copy of 2449330. I am cc’d on that and will track progress. Sorry for the issues and thank you for your understanding.

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