CAPTCHA for specific sources


When accessing the website from AS12297 prefixes (,,, it is always asking for CAPTCHA.
I understand that the problem is Prefixes’ reputation, but could you please advise, how can I check what affects those prefixes’ reputation, how CloudFlare identifies them, and how to resolve this issue?


Do you have that with other Cloudflare sites as well?

If not, it’s most likely that the site in question simply configured their account to challenge your network or maybe even country.


Thank you for your reply.

IP addresses originated from other ■■■ from the same country are not affected, so I can guess that the problem is with only the network.

Should I address this issue to CloudFlare or to ?

You did not really answer my question

Ah, yes I didn’t answer.

No, I don’t have this problem with other CloudFlare protected sites.

In that case it will be something particular to that site’s configuration and you would need to contact the site owner, so they adjust their security settings.

This is an account specific setting and Cloudflare cannot change the site’s configuration.

OK, Thank you for your information!

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