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I have just setup the Cloudflare account, and i am trying to find out how I can add a CAPTCHA to our contact us page, I know how this is done in Imperva but still learning Cloudflare

Try a firewall rule:

Yep, Firewall rule. You may want to consider a javascript challenge as opposed to a Captcha. Cloudflare’s current Captcha implementation is, IMHO, scary and off-putting for legitimate users. Javascript challenge accomplishes the same thing with a better (less terrifying) user experience. Other options … local Captcha or Recaptcha or Honeypot right on your contact page (not through CF) or an I’m-under-attack Page Rule. I like combining a local page honeypot with a CF javascript challenge. Sometimes bad bots get past one or the other - rarely both.

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Oh, and … Welcome to the Cloudflare Community!

Hello and Thank you, will look at the firewall for now, as we just need it online.

Can you point me in the right direction on implementing the java script or local captcha etc.

In that Firewall Rule, you can change the Challenge (Captcha) to Challenge (Javascript) or JS?

Anything on your local page depends on how your page is setup. I use WordPress. In that case I pick a contact form plugin that offers built-in Recaptcha and honeypot options.

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