Captcha broken report

Hello, captcha is broken
How can this problem be solved?
This problem exists in Windows 7 and Google Chrome browser

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Does hCAPTCHA work for you on their main site? The demo is about 1/4 the way down the page:

Seeing captcha pages multiple times, even after solving the captchas. I am seeing lots now. And not able to bypass it. I am tired of trying.

Yes, the captcha works well on the source site, but I created a test captcha on several test sites, and it didn’t work like the picture I sent.
Can this be reported to Cloudflare so they can investigate and resolve it?

does the dev console show anything? what browser are you using? do you have any auto solving captcha extension or opsec browser extensions?

I used the two methods you mentioned
But unfortunately, captcha is broken in both cases

To see a video of this captcha failure, refer to the link

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