Captcha blocking website images

Hi Everyone,

Is only me or has anyone else noticed images getting broken on a web page due to Cloudflare captcha?

I noticed this after I trace by going to the backend on the page and trying to load the image from the browser, I then got a captcha challenge in order for the image to load.

So I stand to be corrected but for me this is totally wrong because when someone visit my website, he or she will only see a site with missing images.

Unless if I’m missing something here. Any help will be appreciated.

CloudFlare shouldn’t break any images, are you sending a captcha challenge to visitors for every request? If all of your images are in the same folder, you can set a firewall rule to allow it to the images or just drop captcha challenges all together.

Thank you for your email.

It looks like my ip was detected as spam or something like that, so it might be that I was the only one blocked to see images of my own site.



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