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when i visit website (owned by GGG) am getting annoying CAPTCHA Human verification. My computer is on dynamic IP and it seems my whole ISP is under that blockage. My ISP (Iskon internet) is second largest ISP in Croatia and is unethical to block whole ISP because some user misbehave! Tech support from GGG tell me to contact Cloudflare because they dont block my ISP.

Cloudflare Ray ID: 6a2cc554fb7690eb • Your IP: {redacted}

I will not use firefox add-on “privacy pass” just to clarify things in front…

Thanks in advanced!

It’s actually Path of Exile that has configured Cloudflare to captcha challenge you, you’ll need to contact them.

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Heh, they tells me it’s Cloudflare fault. My question is where can i check if my IP range is on some Cloudflare list. And why am experiencing this CAPTCHA challenge in first place??? My guess is that some ISP user have virus and now whole ISP sub net is on list.

Path of Exile is telling you it’s Cloudflare’s fault?

Often this is caused by:

  • Computer/IoT device infected with malware or some kind of virus.
  • Scripts or bots (e.g., scrapers) carrying out automated tasks across sites.

Cloudflare’s IP reputation is sourced from multiple places including Project Honey Pot.

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If your IP range was on a Cloudflare List, then you’d be getting that CAPTCHA on most Cloudflare-proxied sites. You’d probably notice pretty quickly as a ton of big names use Cloudflare.

Hmm I have the same problem here and I am also from Croatia and got Iskon Internet.

I contacted Path of Exile support and they check the ip and couldnt find anything wrong with it so they told me to contact Cloudflare…Now I am here but I have no idea how to contact support here or if anyone can help me out with this problem?
It ask me for captcha solving every 5 minutes basicly…I wouldnt mind if it ask me once per day or something but every 5 minutes while Im going throught any path of exile site.

Anyone got any solution for this?

Again, this isn’t something Cloudflare can assist with. By the sounds of it, Path of Exile support isn’t doing a great job of passing on information to relevant people - it’s them who configure the firewall settings for their site

So basically they can add whole ISP subnet on somekind list to solve annoying captcha? I will ask them to check again, but i dont understaind why we play ping pong. They sad its Cloudflare thing, Cloudflare says its theirs firewall mistake and user who payed for services cant enjoy damn game.

The Community has no insight into why someone gets blocked. If it’s just happening on one site, I’m 99.9% sure it’s showing up in that site’s firewall logs. Only the site owner can troubleshoot this. If you tell them your IP address, they should easily locate the reason it’s blocked in their log.

Hi there, thanks for raising this. Can you please email me [email protected] I will take a look.

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