Captcha and "Browser Check" do not redirect to target page

for multiple months, I haven’t been able to access CloudFlare “protected sites” on Firefox Beta (currently version 90.0b1 (64-Bit))
The captcha and “Checking your browser…” prompts don’t redirect me to the page despite e.g. passing the captcha check.
JavaScript is enabled, and no other modifications are in place.

Random examples: Domain, Ray ID 65c66bbbffbf0ba5, passing the Captcha results in a reload and another captcha, Console prints “Cookie cf_chl_seq_c792388b6efc910 rejected because it already expired”
Domain, Ray ID 65c674a28c304c25, just reloads all the time (“Just a moment…”) without any results, same expired cookie error.

Computer time is synced via NTP.
This was originally reported as Ticket 2179227.

I tried both domains on my firefox, both were working fine. I found this blog might shed some light: The Most Likely Cause of "Webpage Has Expired" | Small Business - ?

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