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I want to create a Subdomain for my discord join link and I want to have go to my discord join link but I need a capital “W” and it does not let me use one.

CNAME: discord

Can't seem to connect a sub domain to a discord invite URL

CNAMEs are case-insensitive.


DNS is case insensitive by default.
You can try to encode your cname:

More information:

You could also point the cname to a new vHost your webserver and redirect it permanently (301) to your Discord. There are different ways to work around it.

Can't seem to connect a sub domain to a discord invite URL

As others have mentioned DNS names are case insensitive, so we (toLower) everything. That being said I think you can do this with page rules instead.

Create an A record for discord and point it to Then create a page rule for* and do a 301 redirect to


When I try to encode it says: Invalid hostname: use '@' to represent the root domain



You didn’t enter a name. I should look like

Or do it like @cscharff mentioned.

Point an A record for “discord” to (i guess your own server ip will work as well) and create a page rule:

Or whatever the discord domain is…

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