Capatch Challenge on Single Page?


I’d like to set a challenge on a single page of my website. I have cloudflare premium and have tried the challenge rules in the firewall settings but they are blocking out many other things. I’m aware I have scripts running from multiple countries trying to login to admin and user accounts consistently and just want to put a restrictive/challenge on the login page only for this reason.

Can someone advise? I’ve looked about and I’m sure there’s a simple solution within cloudflare but can’t seem to find it.

Thanks in advance.

Use Firewall Rules instead. I selected JS Challenge, but you can use CAPTCHA instead.

If it is admin pages, I would put them behind a policy using Access/Teams. Much safer, and enables you to use whatever mechanism you normally use for authentication, like Azure AD, Google, Okta etc.

If you are referring to Enterprise Premium Success, then your CSM can hook you up with your named Solutions Engineers, who can help you set this up.

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Thank you for your fast responses, it’s much appreciated.

Okay so I used the single page rule as suggested, and it appears to have cut down a large amount of the attempts although some are still getting through. I’ve no idea why. Initially I thought maybe it was because the site was a wordpress site where there are multiple login points, but I’ve listed them all as far as I am aware /wp-login.php and /login etc.

Any other ideas?

It’s possible some users are going directly to your server, so Cloudflare cannot block them. Make sure you restrict access to your server using appropriate local firewall rules, so that only Cloudflare can connect to your server.

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Perfect, thank you.

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