Canva website and redirecting rules in Cloudfare

I recently moved to Canva website. It’s quite straight forward but there are no possibility to customize the back end or server.
I was previously on Wordpress with servers on AWS.

With this transition to Canva, I wanted to redirect all my old articles (I shared in several social medias etc…) to my homepage. I dont have a blog on Canva and my Wordpress blog has been removed.

So today, if anyone clicks on my old articles, it will have a Not found (404) error page.
I did the page forwarding rules in Cloudflare but this doesnt work.

Current DNS record in Cloudflare

I’m looking for some support to make this redirection working. thanks a lot,

Set the top 2 DNS entries to :orange: and wait untill it propagated. Then it will work.

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Thank you! When I set en 2 entries to proxied. Then there is a problem in Canva. The IP addresses are not matching anymore…

This is the screenshot from Canva

Well, to use Cloudflare for anything else than DNS-Only you need to be orange-clouded (:orange:). So if canva does not support any proxy in front of it, you can not use any Cloudflare feature/functionality besides DNS-Only.

That is a pitty, but you still can create a feature request and ask for supporting the use of Cloudflare.

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Thanks a lot for your clarification. I sent an email to Canva to see what they propose in terms of workaround.

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