Canva Connection caused CNAME error and website block

I am getting an error on my website that references Cloudflare Ray ID 871cd400dc362f7c on my iphone (says "Sorry you have been blocked, You are unable to access, and error 404 on desktop.

I temporarily connected my domain with Canva website design, and after that, I’ve been receiving this Cloudflare error. My domain host is GoogleDomains, and my website is through Shopify. The CNAME is not working, even though 3+ days ago I removed the canva cnam address and routed it to the correct Shpify address.

Please help me remove domain errors and connection with Cloudflare security.

You aren’t using Cloudflare yourself, Shopify does use Cloudflare. Your DNS records point to Shopify so you’ll need to contact them to find out why your domain is giving 404.

(The Canva error was probably just while the DNS was propagating back to Shopify records).

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