Can't work with timeout errors anymore so moving back to own host - what are the steps to do this smoothly?


I have tried everything suggested here and elsewhere to stop cloudflare interfering with my Joomla backend performance. I cannot now even delete 20 records without cloudflare crashing me out with a timeout error. I can perform this task with hundreds of records in other sites which are virtually identical - except they don’t use cloudflare.

For me it is causing no end of problems and can no longer afford the time messing round with it.

I want to move back to my original setup and will have to look for alternative methods to deal with my page performance.

Is it just a matter of replacing the dns names with the old ones where my domain is hosted?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Kind regards

That is not Cloudflare related however. Cloudflare will only throw a timeout error if your actual server takes too long and thats something you will need to fix on your end.

Yes it is. Point your domain to your old nameservers and that should be it.

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